Support The Office of Foreign Missions


There are many ways that you can support the work of the Office of Foreign Missions. Not all can travel to the most difficult areas of mission work, but all can share in the graces.

  1. Get your parish involved. Your parish can become a sponsor of our missionary teacher, Fr. Francis Wardega. Often this partnership begins by inviting Fr. Francis to come and speak at your parish. He brings a wealth of information and a wonderful presentation that will introduce your people to the ministry of the Office of Foreign Missions.
  2. Become a Missionary “Jamaa” (companion). You can get involved personally with the mission by committing to financial or other assistance. Your support is desperately needed. OFM is a mendicant (a begging) work. It is only through missionary partners like you that this ministry can go forward. The support you offer may come in financial contributions or in helping to provide African dioceses with needed clerical and parish items.
  3. You can pray. God works great things through the prayers of His faithful. We especially welcome prayers offered not only through the intercession of individuals but in the parish during Sunday worship.

Won’t you join us in this ministry? Won’t you consider becoming out “Jamaa”?

You can contact Fr. Francis with financial contributions or to schedule a visit with your parish at: Office of Foreign Missions – 18401 Canal Rd. – Clinton Township, MI 48038.

Phone: USA-248-345-2651 EMail:

Donations of new or used clergy shirts, collars, vestments, BCPs (1979), or Bibles may be sent to: Fr. Francis Wardega, OFM – 15367 Danseur – Clinton Township, MI 48038

All gifts are tax deductible and contributors will be issued receipts.


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  1. meghan2995 said,

    July 2, 2008 at 4:05 am

    Great post. I found this a very informative and well written article.

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