Developing Arrangements for the Next Trip

The shape of the next mission trip is starting to form.  It looks like the next trip may have two parts, one in northern Tanzania; the other in western Uganda.  However – further developments may adjust such plans.
Rt Rev Boniface Kwangu, Diocesan Bishop

Part One.  The Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria-Nyanza (DVN), Rt Rev Boniface Kwangu, has asked for a second teaching trip to Mwanza.  Fr Francis will teach advanced courses to the men he taught basic courses to in 2008.  He will also teach basic courses to new clergy students from Bishop Kwangu’s diocese and possibly to clergy from the neighboring Diocese of Lweru, under its bishop, Rt Rev Jackton Lugumira.  Fr Francis will teach clergy from both dioceses at the DVN Bible College on the southern shore of Lake Victoria.  This will be the third trip to Tanzania for Fr Francis.  He visited Tanzania in 2007 and in 2008.
Rt Rev Jackson Nzerebende
Part Two.  Then, Fr Francis will travel across Lake Victoria, thru Kampala Uganda, to the Anglican Diocese of South Rwenzori, in the Mountains of the Moon area.  The diocesan bishop, Rt Rev Jackson Nzerebende Tembo, heard about the teaching ministry of OFM and had a long standing need to present ministry education to clergy in his diocese who had not been able to receive such training.  Bishop Fick of the Missionary Society of St John approved working to establish this new partnership and hopes to send Fr Francis to Uganda if details can be worked out.

Our hope is to go to Africa later this year for an extended time in order to accomplish both goals on the costs of one trip, making the most of donated dollars in economically hard times.  Such a trip is estimated to cost $6500.  If the work were done in two trips, it would cost over $10,000.  Can you help? Will you pray for the success of this teaching trip?  Can you send financial support even in hard times?

Please send donations to Office of Foreign Missions, 18401 Canal Rd, Clinton Township MI 48038.  Please make checks out to OFM and note in the remark column – Africa 2009.  Each donation will be individually receipted.  All dollars donated will be used to fund this next trip.

Office of Foreign Missions.  Missionary Society of St John, Forward in Faith.  Fr Francis Wardega.  USA-248-345-2651


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