Diocese of Lweru – Tanzania

Bishop Jackton Lugumira

Information on the ministry of OFM is spreading in Africa by word of mouth and by personal contact.

Jackton Yeremiah Lugumira is the bishop of the Diocese of Lweru which is on the north side of Tanzania.  Bishop Jackton met Fr Francis in Mwanza when the bishop was returning from the Lambreth Conference in 2008.  Bishop Jackton shared stories of his many contacts with homosexual lobbyists in Lambreth, how they frequently confronted him, trying to convince him of God’s blessings on homosexual relations.  Bishop Jackton was thrilled to discover a Scripturally faithful America Anglican in Fr Francis.

The Anglican Diocese of Lweru in Tanzania was established in 2006.  It is bordered on the west by Rwanda, on the north by Uganda, and on the east by Lake Victoria.  As a newly organized diocese, Lweru is only now establishing its diocesan service ministries such as bible college, youth ministry, and women’s organization.

Bishop Jackton is the first bishop of the diocese, having previously served under Bishop Gerard Mpango in the Diocese of Western Tanganyika.  Bishop Jackton was the dean of Kasulu Bible College for Bishop Mpango.  Bishop Jackton has earned a Bachelors of Divinity Degree from St Paul Theological College in Limuru, Kenya, and a Masters of Arts in Mission from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

Bishop Jackton has formally invited OFM to come to Lweru this year and teach in his diocese.  We ask your prayers and support so that we might say yes to Bishop Lugumira.


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