Leave a Legacy – Send Books to Africa

Needed for Africa

Needed for Africa

There are many ways to help our Anglican brothers and sisters in East Africa. An effective way, an important way, is to contribute to the education of those who would teach the Faith once delivered, to the people, who will lead the church of the next forty years.  Here at OFM, we do that.  We do that with the help of God, some parishes, and many people, all of whom support this ministry.  We ask you to continue those prayers and to continue that financial support.

Now, we ask more.    Currently, the ministry is working with two Bible Colleges that teach the future teachers and leaders:  Nyakato Bible College in the Anglican Diocese of Victoria-Nyanza, and Buigiri Bible College, in the Capital Diocese.  Both these colleges are rich in students and rich in potential.  They are poor in library.

They need books for their libraries so that the students have reading resources to support their programs of studies.  What kinds of books?  Theology – church growth – Scripture study – pastoral ministry – church history – healing and deliverance – sermon preparation – Christian formation – Sunday School for children – personal spirituality.  Can you help?  Do you have older, used works available to send?

How can they be sent?  Please send them directly to Africa.  Addresses are listed below.  The most economical way to send them is through use of a US Mail “M Bag.”  These “M Bags” and appropriate labels are available at some – but not all post offices.  Only books may be sent – no vestments nor altar implements.

When the paperwork is filled out, value each book at fifty cents or a dollar.  The Africans pay less customs duty that way upon receipt.  Include your return address/e-mail address inside so that the Africans may express their appreciation.  If you wish, please label each book with your name or the name of your church.  This promotes unity and grateful hearts between all of us.

This is a good way to leave a legacy, to contribute to the growth of the Kingdom in far away lands.  Any questions – please call me: USA-248-345-2651.  Addresses to send books are listed below.  Note that there are no postal zone numbers in Tanzania.  Thanks so much.

Rev Capt Nestor G. Muheta
Nyakato Bible College
Anglican Diocese of Victoria-Nyanza
P. O. Box 278
Mwanza – Tanzania – East Africa

The Most Rev. Daudi H.Chidawali/Rev Eliah Mballaga
Buigiri Bible College – Gospel Catholic Church
Postal Box 3045
Dodoma – Tanzania – East Africa


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