Mission Ministry in the Kingdom of God

Shirley Williams
Shirley Williams missionary in Senegal

The Kingdom of God is bigger than and includes more than any one denomination. The people of OFM desire to serve in the Kingdom of God. OFM serves in Anglican churches and in other churches, which desire to learn of the historical Christian church. Denominational boundaries then become doorways to ministry.

An example.

Shirley Williams, a member of Anglican Church of the Most Holy Trinity in metro Detroit, is an experienced missionary. In the past, she has served God in Africa and in Serbia. More recently, she served on a mission team that went to the West African country of Senegal, a former French colony, which is largely Muslim. She joined a team of people from an Independent Baptist Church and from a Pentecostal Baptist Church. They served people in Senegal from similar churches. OFM was a major financial supporter of this mission trip.

Her almost four weeks in Senegal were split into two separate mission tasks. The first half was devoted to visiting six different villages and giving open-air concerts on the village squares in an effort to lead people to Christ. There she met people from many different African lands including Nigeria, Ghana and the Congo. The people learned gospel songs and together offered worship to the Lord.

A special memory from those first weeks was the visit to Goree Island, the historic outward-bound depot for slaves being shipped to the western lands of North and South America. The still blood stained rock floors gave witness to this tragedy of history.

The second half of the trip was spent in a poor village in the interior of the country. There she lived in a little hut with no running water, and no electricity. She assisted in the operation of a medical clinic and loved the people who came.

Their stories were heart wrenching and touched all the missionaries. Poverty, sickness, starvation, and death were daily visitors. There, she listened to the women who came; they told their stories of abuse, rape and murder, grateful just to have survived. It was unforgettable.

Special memories included caring for and holding a newborn baby girl while her mother recovered from difficult childbirth. The local tradition is not to name the baby until it is four weeks old. Maybe, God will tell Shirley what name was given to the baby.

God blessed this work and this team of His disciples from several churches. This is an example of mission work in the Kingdom of God. Denominational boundaries have become doorways to His service.


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