Who Are You? – What Do You Believe?

The author of this essay has served God in Africa six times over the last few years. Each trip lasted at least a month and included significant contact with God’s people in what we would call the most rural areas.

God’s people in such rural areas do not have the instantaneous communications that we have in America or that many Africans who dwell in the major cities have. Internet access is limited or non-existent in the rural areas. Electricity is limited or non-existent in the rural areas. Television is limited or non-existent in the rural areas. African newspapers are more focused on local politics or their national political happenings. It takes a while for people to get the news.

International church happenings rarely if ever, make the local news in African rural areas. Thus it has been surprising how important it has been to rural African Christians whether I was a faithful Anglican priest or was I a supporter of the homosexual agenda.

Wherever I went, I was welcomed and then sat down in a private area and grilled. Who are you? What do you believe? Will you teach my people about the acceptance of the homosexual agenda? Are you a part of the group that advocates homosexual bishops? Are you a part of the group that supports God’s blessings for same sex “marriages?”

What happens in the mighty churches and large cathedrals of America has an effect in the little mud churches of African villages.

Most African Christians would describe themselves as a people faithful to God’s Word. That precludes acceptance of the homosexual agenda.

Some African Christians have another reason to oppose the homosexual agenda. In their countries (Tanzania and Nigeria among them), Africans Muslims use the homosexual agenda of Christians in America in their Muslin evangelization programs. They tell African Christians – “you are a part of the church that promotes the goodness of homosexuality.” Muslims quote prominent American Christians who are vocal in their support of the homosexual agenda. Since homosexuality is so abhorrent to Africans, to maintain that Christians support it is an invitation to leave Christianity.

We encourage you to support faithful missionaries who go to Africa and offer support to God’s faithful ones there. Let their voices be added to the cry of the faithful in Africa.

Munguu arabariki (God bless you in Swahili).

Fr Francis Wardega
African Missionary

Fr Francis preaches in Tanzania during AdventFr Francis preaches in Tanzania during Advent


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