New Missionary Ministry in the 21st Century (part 2)


What is taught?

Basics of the curriculum that have been taught or are in development*:

Course 101: Basics of the historic Christian Faith

Course 102: Introduction to Ordained Ministry

Course 103: Foundations of Sacred Scripture

Course 201: Practicum in the Use of the Prayer Book

Course 202: Introduction to Liturgy

Course 203: Pastoral Studies

Course 301: Sacramental Studies

Course 302: Introduction to Healing and Forgiving Ministry

Course 303: Introduction to Preaching

Course 401: Church History with an emphasis on Africa*

Course 402: East African Revival: Pentecostal Theology in an Evangelical Church*

Course 403: Spiritual Warfare*

NOTE: Each course requires 8-10 hours of classroom instruction.

Who Have We Served?

African ChurchSo far, the mission ministry has served clergy, postulants and parish leaders in more primitive locations, where education is hard to get. Gew other ministries go to such areas because of the lack of modern western accommodations and western food.

Most other ministries come to major metropolitan areas in Africa, gather African leaders in large groups and teach lessons in lecture format. Retention of much material is low.

OFM comes for at least a month.

OFM goes to the most “rural” areas

OFM teaches a specific subject in depth.

OFM comes more than once over the years.

OFM teaches small groups of clergy and postulants in an informal, discussion format.

OFM teaches the same subject to many small groups so that all clergy and postulants in a diocese or Acolyteschurch group learn the same things.

As of 2007, the ministry has made five extended teaching trips to East Africa. Service has been provided in Kisumu, Machakos, Nairobi, Masemo, and Kakamega, all in Kenya. Future trips are planned for several churches in Tanzania and in Nigeria.


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