Trip Four

Two Mamas

Connection Kenya/Office of Foreign Missions: Trip Four, August 2006

The teacher returned, this time with his wife Patricia. Patricia’s Presence sent a message of deeper commitment to our friends in Africa. She visited parishes, worked in the orphanages, sang in the choirs, spoke to the wives of the clergy and to the ladies of the diocese, both individually and in groups. She touched and was touched. She visited rural places where white women had not formerly visited.

Classes were taught on Studies in Sacrament and Introduction to Preaching. The leaders of the diocese learned new meaning and deeper information on each of the sacraments. They learned fuller ways to administer the sacraments, using their Books of Common Prayer. Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation were renewed within the diocese in great ways. Men were excited to return to their home parishes, teach the people and implement their new knowledge.

In the other course, the men learned better how to prepare a sermon, how to incorporate the assigned readings, how to organize their presentation. In a future class, they will each preach a sermon for evaluation.

Other churches in Kenya were invited to send men for training. Men came for four other churches, were trained, and left excited and hopeful.

The Clinic had been upgraded to a Dispensary, thus offering services of a birthing room, a full time nurse, a chemist (pharmacy), and scheduled doctor’s appointments. AIDS medicines would now be locally available for the first time.

Cathedral Addition

A vocational training center was constructed. The center would offer training as a seamstress and dressmaker, fields where jobs were readily available locally. In addition, it hopes to offer computer training when equipment is available.

Continued success. Results have been described as GRACED, EFFECTIVE, AND DURABLE.


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